National Championship

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For the last time this season, our predictions are here. This is the rise of Texas Tech and Virginia in the championship game on Monday evening. Chevaliers survived a thriller against Auburn, breaking less than a second in Kelgai’s three free throws. The Red Raiders team allowed Michigan State University to continue their dreams and establish a championship with Virginia.

I do not feel particularly confident in Texas Tech, because in fact it seems that the game will be determined by the narrowest edge – if the recent history of Virginia is some kind of indicator, or at the last moment – wild, the game of fate. My favorite of the Red Raiders is that their length of defense, athleticism and activity can lead to Cavaliers having as many problems as at the University of Michigan outside the three-point line, and their line of support around Jarrett Culver seems to be at the right time. This will be a serious consideration, but I think Texas Tech will accept it.

Since the game at the end of Saturday was strange and won, Hoos completed his mission. It will be physically, it will be a low result, we can welcome a six-month break at the end of the basketball game in college, but I feel that the Texas Tech magic must eventually run out.

Texas Tech has imposed its will on every team that participates in the tournament, but Virginia is a different beast. Chevaliers welcome the style in which the Red Raiders want to play, and have a chance to compensate for their defensive advantage. After three consecutive free-throws in the history of the NCAA tournament, Kelgay will for the first time bring cavaliers to the national championship.

I chose Virginia to win it all because of how complete they are as a team and because of the ability of T. Jerome and Kyle Guy to be leaders and scorers. All this is shown on Saturday evening. Hunter D’Andre Hunter, Jerome and Guy – this is an offensive weapon that Virginia must win. Each against double-digit double-double (Jerome is a pair of assists) and can be tied to the defense of the Red Raiders. Virginia is accustomed to the pace of Texas Tech and knows how to minimize its share. Although this game may not be the horror that fans want in the championship, Virginia has to win.

I worked diligently on the Virginia rescue narrative, but how Texas Tech’s departure from Michigan convinced me that the red raiders were so fresh at this stage that they didn’t know everything on the line. One of Jarrett Culver or De’Andre Hunter will open the dominant night, and I am willing to bet that Culver will lead the school of his hometown to a new level. As long as Tariq Owens reaches 75% or more after his four first injuries, the front end of Tech can increase their size.

The Red Raiders has an elite defensive history – currently it is the best, almost complete point of effectiveness in the history of the Kanpom era (since 2002). He only accepted the team of Michigan State University, which won the defense of Michigan University three times this season and became the worst offensive performance of the season.

However, Texas Tech’s offense is the reason he won this victory. He began to demonstrate significant improvements in early February, and, as such, the team is even better than the statistics and analysis of its season. As the Spartans found out on Saturday, the Red Raiders don’t even need Jarrett Culver from Superman to defeat you, because Matt Mooney (or 12-year-old against David Moretti from Gonzaga) is more capable.

Virginia – the team of destiny. A year after he became the first team to lose the No. 16 team, the basketball god defeated Gus Victory at Purdue University and Auburn. Texas Tech is also a great story, but Virginia will finish its Hollywood finish in Minneapolis on Monday night.

I will continue to control the best defense in the country and trust Texas Tech to lock Virginia. Jarrett Culver led 3-12 in a game against the University of Michigan, and the Red Raiders were still fighting for the championship. We look forward to the best efforts in the top ten in the future, as well as the first championship in the history of the plan.